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Who We Are

Outlast Sports Rehabilitation was created by athletes, for athletes, to provide a unique physical therapy experience that matches your unique demands. At Outlast, we understand the intricacies of each sport and the distinct skills that they require, allowing us to tailor an individualized program with the sole purpose of getting you back to sport while improving your performance in the process.

1. Relieve your pain.
2. Return to sport.
3. Outlast the competition. 


Meet the Owner

Dr. Brad Earnest, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Brad Earnest is a sports physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Brad went on to play Division I college football at Miami (OH) University. During his tenure he spent countless hours in the training room and weight room, developing a love for both sides of the sports performance spectrum. At the conclusion of his playing career, Brad decided that he was going to use his passion to help athletes, like himself, get healthy, stay healthy, and perform better on the field. At the conclusion of his doctorate education at Georgia State University, Brad went on to work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Sports Medicine, where he treated high-level high school athletes of all kinds. In this setting, Brad learned how to blend his knowledge of physical therapy and strength and conditioning to create optimal outcomes. Not only were his athletes becoming healthier through the rehab process, but they were also running faster, jumping higher, and throwing harder. Now Brad is taking on this new venture, and his primary goal is to use his knowledge to empower athletes to outlast the competition. 


"(Brad) worked very well with my son on his physical therapy and just from the first day we walked out feeling as though we were in the right place to help recover from his injury."

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to submit to insurance for my physical therapy treatment?

Yes! At the conclusion of your physical therapy session just ask for your "superbill" and it will be provided to you. You will submit this superbill to your insurance company, and then they will determine compensation. As a cash-based physical therapy clinic, we are considered an "out of network" provider. You need to check and ensure your policy covers out of network services prior to submission.

Do I need a doctor's order to come see you?

No! At Outlast we are legally able to provide physical therapy services without a doctor's order via direct access. This again will cut down on your healthcare costs, and minimize your time away from sport.

Do you take FSA/HSA as payment?

Yes, we accept both FSA and HSA as payment for our physical therapy services!

Do you do injury prevention work?

Short answer - yes! Although there's no way to truly "prevent" injury in sport, there are ways to significantly reduce your risk. To accomplish this, at Outlast we offer movement screens for healthy athletes to determine mobility, strength, and sport-specific movement impairments that put you at increased risk. After the screen you can either choose to address these impairments individually, or we can tackle them together with one-on-one physical therapy.

Do you also work with active individuals who aren't competitive athletes?

At Outlast we believe any person with active movement goals is considered an athlete! Whether you like to play recreational sports, lift weights, run, swim, or dance for fun, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

When I get to the address, which building is your clinic?

When you arrive to 330 Ronnell Road (Building 300), Canton, GA, 30115, our entrance is the door next to the giant "V". You may park anywhere along the building, or in the gravel lot.