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Sports Physical Therapy Created by Athletes, for Athletes

The outlast advantage

Delivering the Highest-Quality Care

Outlast Sports Rehabilitation was specifically designed to provide athletes with the quality of physical therapy only a former athlete could understand they need. Partnered with Velocity Athlete Development in Canton, GA, Outlast provides access to the top-tier equipment and facilities required to maximize your rehab potential. Our model is built around providing athletes the one-on-one physical therapy experience they deserve, to get you back to sport as fast as possible while minimizing risk of re-injury.





Return to Peak Performance

Don't let an injury or pain hold you back from performing at your fullest potential. We'll identify the physical therapy services that will best suit your needs and efficiently restore you to peak performance.  

Manual Therapies

Manual Therapies

Evidence supports the power of hands-on physical therapy treatment for reducing pain and restoring mobility. We tailor manual therapies to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results.

Facilitation Strategies

Facilitation Strategies

The extent of a sports injury may influence your recovery timeline, and we offer treatment options to support your progress while safeguarding the healing tissue.

Performance Training

Performance Training

After alleviating pain and restoring movement, sports physical therapy involves subjecting yourself to similar stresses of your sport to prevent vulnerability to re-injury.

Why Cash-Based Physical Therapy?

Quality of Care

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before – “where I used to go to physical therapy I would hop on a bike for 10 minutes, get on the table for a 10-minute massage, then run through the same 4 exercise routine that I was also doing at home for the remainder of the session. I never interacted with my physical therapist outside of the 10 minutes they were working on me and I was guided through my treatments by an aid. I was frustrated with my lack of progress, thinking that I was doing something wrong.”

If this sounds familiar, I’m here to tell you that is NOT physical therapy. Corporate physical therapy clinics that take insurance coverage will see up to 5 patients at once, diminishing the quality of care and drastically impacting your progress. At Outlast we provide a true one-on-one treatment experience where the focus is 100% on you and how to best achieve your goals.

Speed to Recovery

Unlike traditional insurance-based physical therapy models that may impede recovery, Outlast's individualized approach is designed for efficiency. We craft unique treatment plans and adapt them based on continuous evaluation, to ensure athletes are making the necessary progressions to get back to sport as soon as possible. 

Minimized Cost

With increased speed to recovery comes fewer physical therapy treatments, fewer MD follow-up appointments, and decreased overall healthcare costs. Also, Outlast's one-on-one treatment model allows us to not only focus on treating the injury at hand, but also to address the underlying causes of the injury itself. This will not only get you back to sport efficiently, but will keep you from re-injury, further decreasing healthcare costs.

"Brad was the best physical therapist, he helped me all the way through my ACL recovery journey. Very engaging and showed that he cared a lot about me."

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